Data Breach Complaints Rise with the GDPR Force

Since the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has been implemented in the Europe Union, there is a considerable increase in the data protection complaints from the economic area. It seems as if the data security and protection matters have doubled with the complaint rates, especially in the UK. The sole motto of implementing GDPR was to give data protection a priority than everything else. It is implemented to secure the confidential information of the company, in general.

The ICO has received around 6,281 data breach complaints after the implementation of GDPR in the European Union. Isn’t that a shocking figure for everyone around here? This shows a 160% rise in the overall data breach complaints. Not a good report to broadcast!

Are you aware that companies can be fined for up to 4% of their annual turnover for not being compliant with the GDPR Act since its implementation? Well, this is an overall measure to improve your business efficiency and security. It doesn’t show the numbers of sudden increase in the data breach issues rather it shows the problems that have been remained unsolved so far. The law has finally given a priority to the concerned issues that were hampering the business growth and flawless management for years.

It is the right time to have an updated payroll software that is both accurate and GDPR complaint in resolving all your company issues. With the help of an updated software, you can help your company data to remain secure for years. There will not be any breach to the growth and development of the company in the future.

Some other benefits of using an updated payroll software are improving the business productivity, supporting the environment and speeding the billing process for up to 5 times than before. It not only makes your work organized and simple but also eliminates the repetition of tasks and the wastage of time over it. For better customer and employee satisfaction, switching over to a payroll software is a must!

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