Overcome the GDPR challenges with Brain Payroll

Since the concept of GDPR has complied with the payroll software, there are a lot of challenges coming up in the way of large scale companies. We are here to justify those challenges by delivering you a one-stop payroll solution, which not only makes payroll processing quick for you but also helps in overcoming the challenges that GDPR has raised so far.

Overcoming the challenges with exclusive payroll system features:

Brain Payroll is a cloud payroll software. When you have GDPR compliance followed strictly with your company, it is important to keep the files safe and secure for a long term purpose. A software that stores the data in the cloud for a long term period is a safe option. Even when you shut down the employer file, the data remains secured and saved.

With GDPR compliance, there are few things that should be enforced and are recommended such as the access to self-service portals. Brain Payroll Software has a portal for employees, clients and partners. This makes it easy for any bureau to keep the client data safe without any manual transfer of data or files by simply uploading the reports on the client portal.

The employees are also benefited with a unique feature i.e. ‘Employee self-service portal’. With this exclusive feature, the employees can easily find a quick access to their data such as personal information, payslip, pension communication letters, etc. The employees can secure their own data with a password for maintaining their confidentiality. With a simple change or update request, the employees can find it really easy to update their contact or personal information. This helps the company to maintain an updated employee portfolio with their payroll system.

Brain Payroll software has a feature to masks data of the company details and employee details for the processors. This helps the employee data to remain confidential and secure. With the access permission feature, the processors can only view the data that is permissible by the admin. Moreover, there is an option to password protect the confidential documents and also auto destroy the documents by setting the number of days for auto destruction. The software has a secure document exchange server where both the clients as well as the employees can upload and view the documents securely for maintaining a smooth communication and workflow.

When your company needs to have a full package payroll processing software for overcoming the GDPR challenges, you can always switch over to the Brain Payroll Software.

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