The Payroll System Trends 2019: Solve The Biggest Tech Fails

Since technology has advanced, every business has literally got a makeover. The payroll bureau or management system is completely different and upgrade than what it used to be a few years ago. Considering the payroll trends for 2019, your company should never overlook the tech fails of the previous payroll bureau. In fact, it should move ahead with the payroll system that has the latest features embedded for the organization’s easy pay run. More preferably, a payroll system that is compliant with GDPR and has HMRC integration should be a healthy replacement.

Solving The Biggest Tech Fails By Incorporating The Latest Payroll System:

Tiresome manual efforts:

The payroll bureau who have already migrated with the latest payroll system would never like to welcome the manual efforts for the pay run. The manual data inputs, duplication of entries, making spreadsheets for migrating data, creating manual email updates, etc. are no more a part of the payroll manager’s job. The traditional payroll system is already out of the league and probably no space for them in 2019. Today, we are looking for qualitative means of handling the payroll system of our company and this is easily possible using the latest payroll bureau.

Lack of visibility:

When the entire pay run is managed manually, the payroll manager cannot keep a track of the company’s progress. It means you have a lack of visibility to track your organization’s overall growth. Optimizing payroll processing or expanding the customer base becomes difficult in this very case, hence- you have to migrate to a flexible payroll system. The modern payroll systems are cloud-based payroll systems that helps the payroll manager to track and manage the entire pay run from any corner of the world. The work optimization becomes easy and aggressive with the cloud-based payroll software.

Different systems for different tasks:

The latest payroll system has a complete package with which the payroll manager can handle all the different tasks of the payroll using a single software. The employee leave and time, document management, employee tax updates, loan deductions, etc. do not require different systems for managing it. All the above tasks are effectively carried out using a single payroll processing software. This helps in reducing the cost of the organization and sounds really qualitative for the easy pay run of the organization.


The latest GDPR compliance has outdated many payroll software in the long run. If you are migrating to a new payroll system, you need to make sure it is compliant with the latest GDPR guidelines along with the HMRC integration. Some really great payroll bureau in the UK offers regulations surrounding RTI, GDPR compliance, HMRC integration and pension auto enrolment in a single software. This adds extra value to your business’s easy pay run.

Employee Updates:

Certainly, when you are using the latest payroll system in 2019; you need not to worry about mailing your employees for different updates or issuing pay slips. The latest payroll bureau works as per the GDPR compliance guidelines and empowers the employees to manage and update their own employee portal via a cloud. This makes the entire operation smooth and helps the bureau to retain the latest information from their employees.

The latest payroll trends have untangled the difficulties listed above. Today, the payroll bureau is more about work productivity and less about manual efforts. Time has changed everything for the good, I believe.

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