Brain Payroll UK


Say goodbye to manual payroll calculations with automation. Brain Payroll automation feature calculates statutory payments, taxes, holiday payments, attachment orders, pension and other deductions or payments accurately, as per the HMRC legislation. Above all, it is both error-free and accurate way of processing payroll calculations.

Access anywhere

Our cloud-based payroll software is accessible from anywhere in the world. Run the payroll processing tasks 24x7 with enhanced data security. There are no risks of losing data as it is stored securely in the cloud.

24*6 Support

Get 24x6 support for all your queries via email and chat. With a dedicated representative for the help, we make sure you get all the answers on time for processing the different payroll tasks.

Fast and Accurate

Process 1 million calculations in few seconds with Brain Payroll. With Brain Payroll reduce the manual processing tasks and extended working hours. Finally, you can welcome life at the workplace with our fast processing payroll software.

Invest 5 minutes and learn how to increase your business productivity minimum by 30%