How Cloud can benefit businesses

6 benefits Cloud system can provide to your Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans.

We have been hearing this since our childhood “Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.” We never know what is next in line for us and similarly, this proves true with business as well. So much is going on globally from legislative and administrative changes to pandemics and businesses have to be prepared for any natural or catastrophic disaster that may face. Payroll heroes need to help their organizations from going through this stage and convey a [...]

How Outdated software can be a silent business killer

How an obsolete software can be your “Silent Business Killer”!

Let’s play a rapid-fire: Are your employees facing multiple bugs or errors while processing? Is your software lacking features to tackle today’s challenges? Are you missing deadlines because of your outdated payroll software? If all your answers are affirmative then your software is suffering from a deadly decease, famously known as ‘Software Obsolescence.’ Your age-old software matched the pace and demands of your payroll business a decade ago. It was a wise investment, as the software helped you achieve better results. While you are [...]

Employee Self Service Portal

Top Four Reasons Employee Self Service Portal can be an efficiency booster!

Employee Self Service portal (ESS), as the name itself says, allows employees to manage and update their personal information at their ease and it is one of the most important features of Brain Payroll software that supports the effective working of any payroll business. With the help of ESS portal, unique login access is given to each employee, using which they can review and update their contact details, the important documents uploaded by the employers like their payslips, expenses sheet, time-sheet, annual leaves, [...]


Pour Life Into A Business With The ‘Payroll Software’

In the United Kingdom, the large companies generally prefer to outsource their own payroll rather than processing on own. If you have just first few employees, running your own payroll is a nice idea. How about, also running your own payroll with the increasing numbers of employees or staff? When you have more numbers of employees working in the organization, a right payroll software can do wonders for the Company. There are many types of payroll software to choose from [...]


Benefits Of Switching Over To a flexible Payroll Software

Payroll operations are the most cumbersome tasks. When you run a business, you definitely are looking forward to some awesome solutions for making the payroll system easy and manageable. Hiring different employees for each department such as the Human Resource,Payroll, Accounting, Operations, etc. becomes quite costly for the company itself. Here comes the role of the payroll software that is both easy to manage and understand for a non-technical person of the company. Even the owner himself can easily [...]


Ditch the old payroll software

There are many payroll software that commits its efficiency for years but the real acid test comes when they are not updated. We understand the importance of efficiency and hence, we advise our customers to have an updated payroll software. With the latest software, you can kill two birds with one stone. You can easily manage the multiple data and jobs along with sharing it with your employees or boss. Managing things inside the office becomes hassle-free and quick [...]